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what to take on beach vacation

Nothing is more exciting than going on a vacation and especially if that vacation is to a beach. However, with all the excitement, there is always one question at the back of everyone’s mind, what to take on beach vacations.

Let it be that you are going for a week or for a day, nothing can be more regretful than leaving behind a pair of sunglasses or a bottle of sunblock at home that you direly needed at the beach. Well, here we are for you, setting an easy to adapt procedure to what to take on beach vacations and tips on what to pack for a day at the beach or what to consider on the beach vacations checklist. So read on to make your beach vacations from great to awesome.

What To Take on Beach Vacations

what to take on beach vacations

Going on a beach vacation is a different experience for each and every age group in the family. Let that be your father or brother or your mom or sister, each and everyone have a different set of requirements that they will be needing for the beach trip. So let’s categorize each group and see what are the essentials that they might require for an unforgettable beach trip.

Female’s packing list for the beach holiday

As with all the trips that a family is going to make, you might note that females usually have more stuff to pack as compared to what to take on beach vacations checklist for men. Female packing list for a beach holiday is no different either. There are a lot of things that women might require for a beach vacation and here is a short checklist that might come in handy to avoid and sad moments at the beach.

  • Sunblock
  • Pair of shades
  • Light clothing to protect from sunlight
  • Beach mat
  • An umbrella
  • Chargers for your electronics
  • Towel – 2 to 3 pairs
  • Flip-flops
  • Some waterproof bag for your money and mobile
  • Shampoo
  • First aid pack just in case
  • Please no makeup before leaving the house, it’ll get all spoiled on the beach
  • Some plastic bags for your wet clothes
  • Snorkeling equipment if you have it (don’t forget any of these at home or you’ll regret them buying at the beach)
  • Water bottles
  • Some reading book if you like reading on the beach along with sunbathing
  • Some social clothes for the evening and night, make sure they are loose and light

Well, we believe that this beach day checklist should be sufficient if not complete for any woman heading to the beach with family or friends. So all the ladies out there, make points of these and have fun at the beach.

Men’s packing list for beach vacations

Male packing list for the beach holiday

For men, what to take on beach vacations, the beach day checklist is slightly different and I would say lesser as compared to the women in most of the cases. Let it be that you are a family man or still a bachelor and enjoying your life (as most of them say so) so here is a comprehensive list of thing that will for sure be required by you if you are heading to the beach vacations.

  • Pair of your sunglasses
  • Sandals or flip flops
  • Tank (if you are muscular)
  • Swimwear 2 pair
  • Beach towel
  • A waterproof bag or pouch for your money and gadgets
  • A pair of plastic bags for your wet clothes
  • Extra pair of undergarments
  • Sunscreen
  • Some medications such as bug repellents
  • Swimming equipment

Things to take on a beach with a toddler

Things to take on a beach with a toddler

Heading to what to take on beach vacations with a toddler is a tough affair if you ask me. I remember planning a 2-day beach vacation with my family once my brother was a toddler and mom had to get a bunch of different things to make sure that my brother doesn’t make us mad with crying. And guess what, mom forgot to bring the baby powder along and all the trip our attention was focused on my brother because he was crying due to the sand itch. Well you don’t want your trip to end up like this, do you? So better consider the following checklist that includes that things to take to the beach with a toddler.

  • 3 to 4 sets of bathing suits. Your toddlers will not be wearing the wet cloths again, I bet you that.
  • Sandals or flip flops
  • Towel
  • Kids life jacket (so they can enjoy the sea with you)
  • Baby powder (make sure you are not forgetting this)
  • Drink and snacks that your toddler love
  • Toys for the beach
  • Sunblocks that are specifically for the toddlers
  • Bibs
  • Diapers. Better get the one that can be used while in water. And hey as a precautionary measure, that them twice that you think that might be required
  • Baby wipes. Keep them in excess too
  • Pajamas and loose clothing
  • Some toys for the toddler to enjoy in the car

Essentials for Beach Fun

So what to take on beach vacations, far we have covered the essential items that are required on what to pack for a day at the beach or what to take to the beach for a week. These are the essentials however, there are some things that are not essential for the beach vacations but if you have them, your trip can be a fantastic one. Here are some of the things under this sort of category;

A waterproof camera

A waterproof camera has the ability to record all your cherished moments at the beach trip, let it be making sand castles on the shore or snorkeling with the fishes with beautiful corals around you, a waterproof camera can really impact your trip in a good way. The reason that this item is not on what to take on beach vacations list is that not everyone can afford it. They are expensive for sure. The most popular among this category is GoPro. However, there are several other brands that deliver the quality result at a lower budget. Budget waterproof cameras include SJ cam and Eken Cams.


If you don’t have a hammock yet, I highly suggest that you get one and add this to your family beach vacation packing list. Hammocks are generally cheap and easy to carry around. And they are specifically made for your beach vacations. They are cozy and offer a comfortable place to relax in the shade. So get a pair of good quality hammocks for yourself and family. Make sure not to forget that behind. A beach day checklist might be complete without a hammock, but will be a lot less relaxing had the hammocks been there with you to relax under a coconut tree enjoying the cool sea breezes.

Power banks

How good will be a trip if you find out that your mobile battery has all drained out and you cannot get those cozy beautiful sunset pictures for your Snapchat or Instagram. Well, that would be a disappointment. In order not to feel sorry for yourself, make sure to have at least one power bank that is fully charged before you leave home. And hey, please don’t forget it at home, make sure you add it in your beach day checklist.

Snacks for your drive to the beach

Any drive with friends or family is a bit dry or boring if you don’t have things to munch on while enjoying the outside view or having fun chatting in the car. Well, you have to be extremely forgetful to not buy snacks for your trip but just in case you do, make sure you add this to your family beach vacation packing list for sure. And not just snacks, but a lot of snacks. If they are not eaten during the trip, they can be eaten afterward at home, so why not buy more than enough for yourself. Let it be a female packing list or men’s, snacks are a must. And hey if you have toddlers on board, make sure to get all their yummy snacks for them.

Frankly speaking, what to take on beach vacations has an endless list of things if you look at it. Each and everyone has their own requirements for their needs so the list cannot be universal either. But just make sure to consider the pointers that are mention above so that no essential is left behind which might spoil your trip. You may also like to read cruise trip guide if you are traveling via sea.

If you have more things to add or would like to see any other thing covered, feel free to comment and share your thoughts. May you have a happy and memorable beach trip with your family and friends.



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